Xavier School, Phillipines plans to engage in a project related to minimizing littering in the streets of Metro Manila.  This is a very thorough initial proposal giving insights into the context and the contextual relevance of the global issue; project description; seed-funding maximization; benefits; timeline and milestones.  J.E.E.P.: Jeepneys Enhanced for Environmental Protection, aims to create a simple solution to a taxing problem in the very heart of the Philippines’ Metro. By merging culture and innovation, J.E.E.P.’s main goal would be to minimize litter thrown onto the streets of Manila by adding trash bins to the Philippines’ most famous method of transportation–the jeepney, a cultural public utility vehicle. This project would be held with the cooperation of a jeepney union in San Juan, Metro Manila, whose jeepneys will be receiving garbage bins for their passengers to throw their trash in. On this note, this project will be worked out with recycling plants within the San Juan area that are willing to buy waste that the bins in these jeepneys will accumulate. By doing so, not only will everyday commuters be encouraged to properly throw their trash, but jeepney drivers themselves will earn extra income from the trash that they will be selling to these recycling plants.

Representing Xavier School are Mr Francis Aragon (teacher), Patrick Wee, Christian Go, Jaime Young (students).


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