Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School | TAIPEI, TAIWAN


Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School, Taiwan plans to engage in a project related to the Study of the Predicament of Imported Laborers and the Possibility for Them to Be Treated Equally – The Case Study in Taiwan.  As we know, there are many imported laborers working in Taiwan, but not every of them is treated normally. Some of them are forced to over-work and they almost don’t have any of their own time. Some are suffering from discriminations and some are being exploited – none of them wishes to be like this.  Though we are only high school students, we still hope to spare no effort helping improving this situation. We will first do many documents researching, then we’ll interview the laborers, agencies, employers to understand the situation in every aspect. After that, we will try to find out some cases that need our help in a hurry, solve it, and examine it in a macroscopic/worldwide view. We’ll even make an action plan about actually solving the problem, such as publishing the difficult situation that the imported laborers are in, making a draft about solving the problem and present it to congress and the administrative department, participating or helping organizing the activities held by pressure groups …etc.  Finally, if we succeeded to reach our goal, many imported laborers will thus benefit from our achievement, and we can create a model presenting to the world, try to improve the whole situation.

Representing Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School are Mr Chang-Cheng Wu (teacher),  Hao, Wang,  Yu Tao, Lin, Chao Chen Yao, Chang ( students).


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