Punahou School | HONULULU, HAWAII, USA


Punahou School, Honolulu, Hawaii plans to engage in a project related to inter-ethnic harmony, conflict resolution and human rights.  The project title is Widen the Price and Get Tied Worldwide and its purpose is to raise awareness on compelling need to challenge misconceptions of people of different cultures and develop skills and values to address and challenge stereotypes and misinformation that encourage respect and tolerance, and, ultimately compassion and empathy for all people.  Hawaii is the most multicultural state in America. Our project will examine why our state is held up as a model for cross-cultural understanding as well as demonstrate the behind the rainbow exist subtle and not so subtle examples of racism and stereotyping. Our process will be three-fold: 1) build relationships and understanding through direct person-to-person dialogue and interaction; 2) produce a video that documents our process and findings; and 3) use technology to inform, raise awareness and share findings; and to sustain intercultural communication and exchange demonstrating respect and tolerance.

Representing Punahou School are Mrs. Terrina Wong (teacher), Casey Johnson, Zara Rabinko, Julia Tedrowe, Noa Yee (students).


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