Karachi Grammar School | KARACHI, PAKISTAN


Karachi Grammar School, Pakistan plans to engage in a project related to tackling poverty in a local village through education and called Project Second Chances.  The purpose of the project is to identify comparable indicators of poverty as per international guidelines and explore the sentiments of the local community. This can be improved in order to achieve basic standards of living. Towards this end, we propose a scalable and sustainable program that tackles the roots of poverty and measures the success of our endeavours by comparing our results with the standards we have set.  We aim to tackle poverty in the village in a holistic manner. By providing skilled workers with equipment, investment and access to the market we will provide them with the required tools to channel their abilities. Job placements in conjunction with specialised NGOs will tackle disguised and apparent unemployment. The cycle of poverty can only be broken once the dependence on feudal lords is reduced—this will be achieved by organizing better access to banking facilities such as microfinance and loans. Also, we will give them increased access to profitable markets allowing the cottage industry to become sustainable.  Secondly, to improve living conditions for the unskilled workers we intend to provide them with vocational training which will allow them to gain or develop their skills in a particular field. For those unskilled workers who wish to return to farming, we will try and train them regarding improved agricultural techniques along with providing them with better materials (equipment, High-yield seeds, etc.). 

Representing Karachi Grammar School are Wajeeha Mahmood, Sana Mashaal Durrani, Asif Hasan Siddiqui, Akasha Sarwar (students) and Mrs. R J Effandi (teacher).


Established in 1847, Karachi Grammar School has a reputation as the premier institution with rigorous academic courses from Kindergarten to A levels. Independent learning and intellectual curiosity are encouraged, as well as involvement in extracurricular activities and community service. The focus is on the holistic and balanced development of the individual. The results of O and A levels are outstanding and many students succeed in going to top universities at home and abroad.


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