Daly College | INDORE, INDIA



Daly School, India plans to engage in a project related to Comprehensive Water Management.  Being a member of Round Square (an association of many schools worldwide), our school has been continuously committed to community development and services. Thus to continue with our endeavour to serve the community we have taken up the hamlet of Sanawadia which is located 20 minutes from the Daly College.  In the month of January, we started a service project at Sanawadia where we have established a solar and wind hybrid electricity system of 1.9 kw for street lights. We are also building a community hall. Now we would like to start a comprehensive water management project at Sanawadia.  Hamlet Sanawadia, District Indore, Madhya Pradesh is a small agrarian community of 30 tribal families on the Malwa Plateau in Central India. The annual rainfall of Indore is 96.5cm which is received during June to September. The village suffers from acute water shortage in the summer months and erratic supply through the year. This apart, due to the lack of adequate filtration and treatment systems, it is safe to assume that the water being used is of poor quality. 

Representing Daly College are Mrs. Richa Chitale (teacher).


The Daly College, originally for Indian princes, is a K12 coeducational day cum residential school. It is a member of Round Square and is strong in academics, sports, culture and service. It has its own Business School affiliated to De Montfort University, England.


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