Beijing No. 4 High School | BEIJING, CHINA


Beiing No. 4, People’s Republic of China is looking into the prevention and cure of childhood malnutrition in the rural areas of China with Better Food, Better Children. Many children in rural areas of China are suffering from different kinds of malnutrition which seriously affect their future. The prevention and speedy treatment of child malnutrition is the most fundamental way of solving the problem. Their project will first research the issue, after which the team will supply undernourished children from an identified village with treatments as well as medicines. They will also undertake an educational drive to boost awareness levels about the issue, as well as a fundraising drive to benefit malnourished children and fund their treatment.

Representing Beijing No. 4 are Fang Guo, Jiaxin Fan, Jiasu Deng (students), and He Shiming (teacher).


Beijing No.4 High School is one of the most renowed schools in China. It has a history of 104 years, and has produced many leaders in Chinese society. Our students maintain an active interest in international issues and participate in many international programmes.


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