African Leadership Academy | SOUTH AFRICA


African Leadership Academy, South Africa plans to engage in a project related to helping children in impoverished communities and titled GARTED Project.  The GARTED project has been designed solely to help children in impoverished communities by tackling three main focuses which are tyre gardening, artwork and emotional support. Firstly, the tyre gardening basically involves the use of used car tyres as raw materials for beds which will be used in growing vegetables such as tomatoes and spinach. In South Africa, there are many areas where old car tyres lie idle without use which has made burning them as the only means of disposing them. Thus, the team came up with the idea of helping get rid of these so-called waste products by using them as raw materials for growing some vegetables as stated above. These car tyres are going to serve as the bed for the seeds which will eventually sprout into matured plants with food. The produce produced from this exercise will then be sold on behalf of the children and the returns used to support them financially.

Representing African Leadership Academy are Ms. Jenny Ketley (Principal), Abdul-Aziz A. Ahmed, Linda Rebeiz, Sophie Umazie (students).


rican Leadership Academy (ALA) seeks to transform Africa by developing a powerful network of leaders who
will work together to achieve extraordinary social impact. ALA brings together the most promising young
leaders from all 54 African nations for a pre-university program that gives them the training, skills, networks
and confidence to be agents of positive change for Africa.


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